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About us

We are the 37toystreet, a platform which presents and reviews educational applications. Our story stems back from the ‘80s when at 37, Riga Feraiou street in Patras, Greece, our parents started one of the very first toys stores in town making a lot of children and parents happy at that time. On the era of mobile apps we have the ambition to do the same but at larger (shall we say global?) scale. Our vision is to disrupt and change the way educational games are being created and presented in order to:

  • Help parents to select the most appropriate app for their children among a plethora of choices.
  • Empower parents so they can have an impact on the way that their children’s games are being developed. According to some studies parents’ reviews can help by 74% on the improvement of an app.
  • Provide added value to producers by helping them to attract more reviews for their apps. There are studies which show that 63% of the parents are more prone to buy a game/app when there is a review for it.
  • Yiannis

    Yiannis is co-founder and the CEO of 37toystreet. He is a Dr. who actually cannot save lives. Instead, he knows rather well how to extract knowledge from quantitative data helping then large organisations to maximise the value of their investments on software systems. In other words, Yiannis has a PhD in Data Mining in Software Engineering from University of Manchester, School of Computer Science. He is also the country manager of a Dutch management consultancy firm specialised in software matters.


    Christos is co-founder and the CTO of 37toystreet. Christos holds a Statistics degree from Athens University of Economics and Business and he is currently working at Dynacomp S.A. as a Senior Technical Support Engineer. He is keen on learning new things and technologies and currently he is finishing his MSc dissertation in Information Systems at School of Sciences and Technology, at Hellenic Open University. As all these might not be enough, Christos is also a Microsoft Certified Professional.


    Ioanna is co-founder and the Head of R&D and Marketing at 37toystreet. She is a graduate of Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of University of Patras, the renown CEID. Currently she is finishing her MSc studies which are related to the appliance of ICT technologies in Education and she working at Research Institute of Computing and Publications Diofantos.


    Theoni is a graduate of the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education, University of Patras. Since she was a little child she had special inclination to learning and music. She is aware of three languages (English, French and German) and holds a diploma in flute. Due to the special love she has for children, she wants to give them the opportunity to use technology not only as entertainment but also as a training tool.